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Cold Impact Tester

Approx Price: Rs 25,000 / Unit 

Sometimes the cables have to be laid in the area of low temperature climatic condition or frost. Due to constant exposure of cables to low temperature or frost conditions, the insulation or sheath of the cables becomes hard and brittle. Any impact on the surface of the sheath or cable under these conditions may fracture the insulation, thus making it weak or causing it to fail.


The suitability of the insulation material against low temperature brittleness is determined with the help of an impact test conducted on the cable maintained at a specified low temperature. In this test, the cooled cable is placed on an anvil inside a cold chamber and an indentor dropped on its upper surface to give it a specified impact. The effect of impact is then checked to evaluate the quality of the cable insulation.


The Globe Cold Impact Tester for cables consists of a rigid steel frame having a solid steel anvil and a support to hold an aluminium pipe, and an indentor, which can be dropped vertically from a specified height on to the top of the cable. The test is carried out at a specified sub-zero temperature inside a deep freezer.


Related standard


  • IS 10810 (Part 21) - 1984 : Methods of Test for Cables


  • Part 21 : Cold Impact Test.

Flammability Tester

Approx Price: Rs 80,000 / Unit 

In most of the applications it is important to use cables which retard flame in case of fire, and are self extinguishing when the source of fire is removed. This determination is carried out by subjecting a portion of finished cable to a flammability test. This test is conducted with the help of a flammability tester under In this test, the test specimen is suspended vertically inside a drought proof enclosure and ignited with the help of either one or two burners. The time for extinguishing of flame after shutting off the burners and the length of scorched portion are determined and compared against specified values to evaluate the flammability of the cable.

The GlobeFlammability Tester for cables consists of a three-sided metal enclosure having an open front and closed top and bottom. The base is covered with a sheet of asbestos. The test specimen is help vertically in the centre of the enclosure in two clamps, each approximately 25 mm wide. The clamps are positioned such that the distance between the top of the bottom clamp and bottom of the top clamp is as specified.

Three gas burners inclined at angles of 45° are provided, one for testing cables up to 50 mm diameter and the other two for testing cables of above 50 mm diameter. Each burner has an individual control valve with which the flame can be regulated. A ball valve is provided to stop the flow of gas to the apparatus completely.

The equipment is finished in shore Blue metallic painting and bright chrome plating for giving it a corrosion resistant finish.

Relevant standard:-

  • IS 10810 (Part 53) – 1984 : Methods of Tests for Cables
  • Part 53 : Flammability Test.

Hot Set Tester

Approx Price: Rs 65,000 / Unit 

Many important properties of polyethylene insulation of cables depend on the degree to which the material is cross-linked. Determination of whether or not the dependent properties are fully realized after cross-linking can be carried out with the help of a hot set test.

In this test the elongation of the insulating material at an elevated temperature under the action of a specified tensile load and its recovery after removal of the load are determined to evaluate the efficiency of the cross-linking. A dumbbell of specified shape and size is suspended from a vertical frame inside a hot air oven with a specified load suspended from its lower end. The elongation of the test specimen after fifteen minutes under the above conditions and its subsequent recovery after removal of the load are then evaluated.

Related standards

IS 7098 (Part 2) - 1985 : Specification for Cross Linked Polyethylene Insulated PVC Sheathed Cables

IS 10810 (Part 30) - 1984 : Methods of Test for Cables

Part 30 : Hot Set Test

Scrape Abrasion Tester

Approx Price: Rs 80,000 / Meter 

The Globe Scrape Abrasion Testerfor Automobile Cables consists of a scraping wire, which abrades the test specimen under a fixed load of 7 N and a suitable mounting platform for clamping the test specimens on.


The scraping wire is in form of a round spring wire with a diameter of 0.45 mm, and secured rigidly to a carrier. Motion to the carrier is given through an oscillating arm, which runs on grease sealed type ball bearings minimizing friction and giving uniform load on the carrier. The oscillating arm is moved with the help of a motor operated crank and connecting link to give a total stroke length of 20 mm. An arrangement is provided to lift the carrier at both the extreme ends of the stroke. A low voltage supply system with relay is provided to automatically stop the motor as soon as the scraping wire comes in contact with the core of the specimen under test. A pre-set type four-digit electronic counter with memory backup is provided to record the number of strokes and also to stop the motor automatically after a pre-set number of strokes.


Related standards


ISO: 6722 – 2002 : Road Vehicles – 60V and 600V single core cables – Dimensions, test methods and requirements (Cl 9.3)

Tape Abrasion Tester

Approx Price: Rs 95,000 / Unit 

The Abrasion Resistance of cables is determined either by Scrape Abrasion or Tape Abrasion. In case of Tape Abrasion Test, the abrasive tape is drawn under the cable. The tape is supported over a pin and inclined at a specified inclination on both the sides. The test specimen is mounted over the abrasive tape with load acting on it through a saddle.


The GlobeTape Abrasion Tester for automobile cables consists of a moving abrasion tape which abrades the test sample mounted above it with normal load acting on the specimen.


The abrading tape is made from 150 grit abrasive tape with 10 mm wide conductive strips painted perpendicular to its edge, spaced at a distance of every 75 mm. The tape is moved at the specified speed with the help of a motorized arrangement. The length of movement of tape is measured on a digital indicator.



Related standards


ISO 6722 – 2002 : Road Vehicles – 60V and 600V single-core cables – Dimensions, Test Methods, and Requirements


BS G 177- 1961 : Specification for Nyvin type Electrical Cables for Aircraft

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