Coated Fabric Testing Equipment

Crock Meter

Approx Price: Rs 35,000 / Unit 

The determination of colourfastness of vinyl coated fabrics against rubbing in both dry and wet conditions is carried out by means of a crockmeter. In this test a rectangular test specimen is clamped over a glass plate, which is then given a reciprocating motion in a horizontal plane, while a white cotton abradant fabric mounted over an abrading peg of the specified shape rubs against it under a specified load. The degree of colour transferred from the test specimen to the abradant fabric determines its colourfastness.


This equipment can also be used for the determination of adhesion of prints on vinyl coated fabrics and unsupported flexible PVC sheetings. The rubbing off of the printed pattern gives a measure of the print adhesion of the material.


The GlobeCrockmeterfor determination of colourfastness and print adhesion of vinyl coated fabrics and unsupported flexible PVC sheetings consists of a horizontal reciprocating platform which can be moved in a horizontal plane and a pivoted loading arm for holding the abradant fabric against the test specimen under the specified load.


Related standards


  • IS 1259 - 1984 : Specification for Vinyl Coated Fabrics


  • IS 2076 - 1981 : Specification for Unsupported Flexible Polyvinyl Chloride Sheetings.


Demattia Flex Tester - 12 Specimens

Approx Price: Rs 1 Lakh / Unit 

Flex testing provides useful information about the durability of treated fabrics and also about the ability of coated fabrics to resist development of cracks, or general mechanical deterioration of the material as a result of a relatively large number of flexes. In this test, the test specimen of specified shape and size are repeated flexed mechanically till the desired number of flexing cycles, or till the material under test fails. The effect of flexing on the test specimens and the number of flexes needed to cause failure give an indication of the quality of coating.


The flexing test may be carried out with the help of a De Mattia Flex Tester, in which the grips are located vertically above each other and have their holding face in one vertical plane. The central grip is moved up and down with the help of a motor to flex the specimens held between it and the upper and lower grips.


The GlobeDe Mattia Flex Tester is designed to test 12 specimens simultaneously. One end of the specimens is held in a fixed grip and the other end in a reciprocating grip. Two fixed grips and one large reciprocating grip located between the fixed grips are provided to flex half the numbers of specimens while the others are getting unflexed.


Related standards


  • IS 7016 (Part 4) – 1987 : Method of Test for Coated and Treated Fabrics

  • Part 4 : Determination of Resistance to Damage by Flexing.

Flat Loop Flexibility Tester

Approx Price: Rs 90,000 / Unit 

One of the ways for the determination of flexibility of coated fabrics is with the help of flat loop test.

In this test, a rectangular strip of coated fabric is placed on a horizontal plane and a loop formed by superimposing the two ends, which are then held down with a steel bar. The height of the loop so formed, which is an inverse measure of the flexibility of the coated fabric, is measured to evaluate the flat loop flexibility of the coated fabric.


This method is not applicable for coated fabrics that are prone to rolling up or spiraling when cut upto pieces of smaller size. Nor is it applicable for fabrics that are too rigid to make a loop.




IS 7016 (Part 11) - 1987 : Methods of Test for Coated and Treated Fabrics


Part 11 : Determination of Flexibility - Flat Loop Method


Exposure Rack Fabric Testing Equipment

Approx Price: Rs 65,000 / Unit 

Exposure rack for coated fabric

Various types of materials whether it is coated fabrics, or a polyvinyl chloride sheeting or insulation and sheath of cable experience change in colour when exposed to daylight for sufficient period because of the action of daylight on pigments used. The severity of exposure in both time and intensity of daylight determines the extent of the change in colour. The colorfastness is denoted by the number of the dyed wool standard (provided by British Standards Institute) that has changed colour to the same extent as the test specimen. It is expressed in the numerical rating for light fastness.


The GlobeExposure Rack consists of an open bottomed wooden box fitted with a removable wooden frame carrying a wire screen, a wooden removable rack for supporting test pieces / wool standards and a hinged lid made of aluminium angle frame with Acrylic sheet fixed on the same. The box is fitted on a stand to keep the case in open with 45º inclination to the horizontal.

Related standards


IS 1259 - 1984 : Specification for Vinyl Coated Fabrics


IS 2076 - 1981 : Specification for Unsupported Flexible Polyvinyl Chloride Sheeting


IS 9766 -1981 : Specification for Flexible PVC Compounds


IS 10810 : Methods of Test for Cables(Part 18) - 1984


Part 18 :Colour Fastness to Daylight


Water Vapour Permeability Tester

Approx Price: Rs 75,000 / Meter 

The water vapour permeability of fabric is determined by placing the test specimen over the open mouth of a test dish, which contains water and assembly placed in a controlled atmosphere. After a period of established equilibrium of the water vapour pressure gradient across the test specimen, successive weightings of the assembled dish are made and the rate of water vapour permeation through the specimen is determined. The water vapour permeability index is calculated by expressing the water vapour permeability of the test fabric as a percentage of the water vapour permeability of a reference woven fabric which is tested in a similar manner concurrently and along side the test specimen.


The Globe Water Vapour Permeability Tester consists of eight dishes with cover ring & specimen support and a turn table for rotating the test dishes at a uniform speed with a built in timer.


Related standards

BS : 3424 : Part 34 - 1994 : Testing coated Fabrics Part 34, Method 37, Method for determination of water vapour permeability Index (WPI).

Pressure Head Tester

Approx Price: Rs 65,000 / Unit 
We offer Pressure Head Tester, to test the water proofing and damp proofing.

Technical Specification:-
  • Diameter of Test Specimen - 200mm
  • Diameter of Test Area - 100 mm
  • Pressure Head - 300 mm of water column
  • Duration of Test - 60 minutes


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