Compression Set Tester

Repeated Compression Set Tester for Foam

Approx Price: Rs 75,000 / Unit 
Determination of change in thickness of Foam material due to repeated compression encountered in their day-to-day use is of great importance in determining their quality. Determination of this change is carried out with the help of a Repeated Compression Set Tester. In this test a test specimen taken from the material under test is compressed repeatedly under simulated conditions of use and the effect of this action on its thickness evaluated to determine the quality of the material under test.

The Globe Repeated Compression Set Tester for foam material is designed to simulate the action of repeated pressings encountered in use. It consists of an arrangement to give a vertical reciprocating movement to two indentors held on two eccentric discs with the help of an electric motor and reduction gearbox.


The movement of the indentors can be adjusted so that they can give a compression equal to 50% of the thickness of the test specimens. The height of the indentors can be adjusted and they can be locked so that at the top of their movement they just touch the top of the test specimens. The number of repeated compression undergone is recorded on a pre-set type digital counter with memory backup, which automatically stops the motor on completion of the desired number of operations.

Compression Set Apparatus

Approx Price: Rs 75,000 / Unit 

Compression Set Apparatus are intended to measure the ability of rubber compounds to retain elastic properties after prolonged action of a known compressive stress under static loading. A set of three test specimens in shape of circular test buttons are placed between rigid metallic plates and pressed under a force of 140 kg. They are allowed to remain under this load for a period of 24 hours, after which the percentage reduction in their thickness is determined and compared against specified values to evaluate their ability to resist compression set.


Related standard

  • IS 6664 ­ 1972 : Specification for Micro Cellular Rubber Soles and Heels.

Compression Tester

Approx Price: Rs 65,000 / Unit 
Safety and protective footwear shall provide adequate safety to the toe of the user under the action of compressive loads. The sole of the footwear should have enough protection against nail penetration and the seat region should have a specified energy absorption value. These properties of footwear are measured with the help of a Compression Tester with suitable fixtures

Related standards

  • IS 15298 (Part 1) – 2002 : Safety, Protective and Occupational Footwear for

  • ISO 8782 (Part 1) – 1998 : Professional Use

  • Part 1 : Requirement and Test Method

  • BS EN 344 – 1993 : Requirement and Test Methods for Safety, Protective,


  • DINEN3441993 : and Occupational Footwear for Professional Use.


  • ISO203442004 : Personal Protective Equipment – Test Methods for Footwear.

Compression Resistance Tester (for footwear)

Approx Price: Rs 85,000 / Unit 

Safety or protective footwear should give safety to the toe of the user under compression load and to the sole against nail penetration. Compression Resistance Tester is determined by subjecting the footwear to a specified compression load and measuring the clearance with the help of a modeling clay cylinder.


Nail penetration force is determined by measuring the maximum force required for a standard nail to penetrate through the sole.


Related standard

  • IS 15298 (Part 1) – 2002 : Safety, Protective, and Occupational Footwear

  • ISO 8782 (Part 1) – 1998 : for Professional Use Part 1 : Requirements and Test Methods

  • Clause 5.4:Compression Resistance

  • Clause 5.6 : Penetration Resistance

  • BS EN 344 - 1993 : Requirements and Test Methods for Safety, Protective, and Occupational Footwear for Professional Use


  • Clause 5.4 : Determination of Compression Resistance.

  • Clause 5.6 : Determination of Penetration Resistance.
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