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Retention Tester

Approx Price: Rs 65,000 / Unit 

Retention Tester is apparatus for dynamic test of retention system and retention test.

The retention system of helmets is subjected to a specified dynamic loading to determine its dynamic displacement, residual displacement, and damage to the retention system in order to assess the suitability of the helmet. It is further subjected to a dynamic loading at a tangential line on the rear part of the shell. After the test the inclination of helmet on the head-form is checked for suitability of its retention system.


The Globe Apparatus for Dynamic Test of Retention System and Retention Test of helmets consists of a rigid fabricated steel frame fitted with arrangements to carry out either of the two tests.


The arrangement for dynamic test of retention system consists of a stand to hold the helmet by its shell from a hook connected to a screw to raise or lower it. The helmet is mounted over a head-form with initial loading device cum guiding system. A mass of specified weight is allowed to fall on the anvil of the loading device from a specified height. The mass is lifted with the help of a handle and chain arrangement and is held by a catch at the specified height. For dropping the mass, the catch is released and mass drops guided on a rod. The displacement of retention system is measured on a vertical scale.


Related standards

  • IS 4151 - 1993 : Specification for Protective Helmets for Motorcycle Riders.

Impact Absorption Tester

Approx Price: Rs 90,000 / Unit 

Impact absorption capacity of a helmet is determined by recording against time the negative acceleration imparted to a head-form over which the helmet is mounted, when dropped upon a fixed steel anvil in a guided free fall at a specified impact velocity.


The Globe Impact Absorption Testerfor helmets consists of a rigid frame with a heavy base plate, a set of interchangeable steel anvils mounted on the base, a free fall guidance system with a dolly to keep the head-form with helmet on, an arrangement to drop the helmet from a known height on the anvil, a set of three accelerometers mounted in three mutually perpendicular directions which can be fitted inside a hollow metal head-form, and a data acquisition system with suitable software to provide the test report.


Related standards

  • IS41511993: Specification for Protective Helmets for Motorcycle Riders.

Penetration Tester

Approx Price: Rs 65,000 / Meter 

Helmets are subjected to penetration test at two points at a minimum distance of 75 mm from each other within the area of protection after being subjected to the process of conditioning which has given the least satisfactory results in impact absorption test. During this test the tip of the punch shall not come closer than 5 mm measured vertically to the head-form.


The Globe Penetration Tester for helmets consists of an arrangement to hold a head-form on which the helmet under test is kept. The arrangement has five degrees of freedom so that any point on the surface of the helmet can be brought under the point of impact in a manner such that the plane tangential at the point is substantially horizontal.


A metal punch of a specified shape and weight guided in a bush is kept vertically above the point of impact. A metallic weight of specified mass is allowed to drop on the punch from a specified height. The minimum distance between the tip of the punch and the head-form at the time of impact is determined with the help of molding clay.


The complete arrangement is built over a rigid fabricated steel frame. The tester is finished in gray hammer tone painting and bright chrome plating to give it a corrosion resistant finish.


The head-forms used for conducting the test are not supplied with the equipment but are available as optional accessories.


Relevant standard

  • IS 4151 - 1993 : Specification for Protective Helmets for Motorcycle Riders.

Flammability Tester for Helmets

Approx Price: Rs 1 Lakh / Unit 

The ability of non-metallic helmets to withstand flame without getting damaged is determined by applying the flame of a Barthel Burner on the helmet shell. The effect of flame on the helmet is then observed to evaluate its resistance to flaming.


The Globe Flammability Resistance Tester for helmets consists of a Barthel burner mounted on a swivel stand to make it vertical or inclined; a screw arrangement to move the burner with stand in the horizontal direction; a sheet metal enclosure in which the burner and sliding arrangement is fitted along with arrangement to hold the helmet under test to guard the flame against air currents; and a reservoir to supply liquid fuel to the burner from the specified height with fuel line fitted with a valve to control the rate of the supply of fuel.


Related Standards


  • IS 2925 – 1984 : Specification for Industrial Safety Helmets.


Audibility Test Apparatus

Approx Price: Rs 25,000 / Meter 

When worn over the head, the helmet shall not absorb excessive volume of sound so at to pose as an accident hazard against any vehicle approaching from the back of the user. For ensuring this, the helmets shall be tested for their sound attenuation properties. The sound transmission loss shall not be more than 10 dB (A).


The Globe Audibility Test Apparatus for helmets consists of a rigid angle iron frame to keep a test head-form with the helmet under test mounted over it one end and a horn placed at the other end. The horn is held such that that the sound waves from it strike the helmet at its back in the same horizontal plane.


Both the horn and the head-form are mounted at a level 1.2 m above the ground. The horn is operated by a lead-acid storage battery supplied with the apparatus.


A microphone and a digital sound level meter are provided for measuring the sound level. The microphone is mounted inside the wooden head-form at the normal ear level of the user. Two microphones are mounted in each head-form, one on the left and the other on the right. The selection between left and right microphones is done with the help of a change-over switch.


Related Standard


  • IS 4151 - 1993 : Specification for Protective Helmets for Motorcycle Riders

Rigidity Tester

Approx Price: Rs 50,000 / Unit 

The ability of a helmet to withstand deformation due to any force acting on it is determined by subjecting it to a rigidity test. In this test the helmet, without the head-form, is placed between two horizontal flat parallel plates and is subjected to a small initial load and subsequently to a major load over a specified time period. The change in the dimension of the helmet under initial and major loads is measured and compared against standard values.

The Globe Rigidity Tester for helmets consists of two solid steel plates held parallel to each other with the help of four spacer rods. A loading plate with a guide rod is guided along a vertical axis in a brass bush held in the upper plate. The weight of the loading plate assembly is equal to the initial load.

Major load is applied in specified steps by placing disc shaped dead weights on top of the loading plate assembly. The deflection of the helmet is measured with the help of a scale fixed to the frame and a pointer fixed to the loading plate assembly.

The equipment is designed for simplicity in use. It is finished in shore blue metallic painting and bright chrome plating to give it a corrosion resistant finish.



  • IS 4151 - 1993 : Specification for Protective Helmets for Motorcycle Riders


  • IS 9562 - 1980 : Specification for Non-Metal Helmets for Police Force

Ultraviolet Radiation and Moisture Conditioning Chamber

Approx Price: Rs 1 Lakh / Unit 

Helmets are subjected to conditioning under different atmospheric conditions before they are subjected to the impact absorption test. One of these conditions involves exposure to ultraviolet radiations, followed by spraying of water on top of the helmets.


This conditioning can be carried out in a special chamber having provision for exposing the helmet to ultraviolet radiations, followed by spraying it with water from a spray nozzle.


Related standard

  • IS 4151 - 1993 : Specification for Protective Helmet for Motorcycle Riders.
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